Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Whistler - Legends Ski Trip
January 14th - 17th, 2016

This was a great Bus Ski Trip which was put on by the Victoria Alpine Ski Club.  We had a few Pacific Ski Club members who also booked on, one from West Vancouver, the other from Delta.  Arriving at Whistler on Thursday night, many of us headed for the hot tub and then to Dusty's after checking in.  As Dusty's was a private party, we headed across the street and went to the old Hoz's (now called Rose's or Rosy's, I think) and had a lovely evening.
Sun and good skiing greeted us all the next day, Friday.  In the afternoon, most dropped in to Dusty's for Apre` Skiing, then the mandatory dip into the outdoor hot tub (there are 2 and a swimming pool).  After changing, we held our annual (great) Pot Luck dinner.  This year there was just too much good food and most of the chef's had to take some back to their rooms.  What a great way to meet new friends, make new ones, or just socialise.  Many stepped up to the pool table, I being one of those.  Yet, with Donna, the pool Shark, I did not last too long.
Overcast and some new snow fell on Saturday, but we had a great day skiing both Blackcomb and Whistler.  More partying and hot tubing followed.  
Sunday was blizzard conditions, but that did not stop the keeners from skiing the whole day.  Some of us just went to the top and skied down and the mountain gave us our tickets back.  Good PR from Whistler.  Some went to the Village and watched the Seahawks loose the football game, others went to the hot tub and then to Dusty's where the game was also shown. 

As with all good trips, this one also had to end as our bus drove off a little after 3pm.

Thanks to everyone who came along and made this trip so much fun, especially Shelley the organizer and Maggie, both Victoria Club executives.

Sven , President PSC

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