Saturday, 30 December 2017

2017 Christmas Bureau Pub Crawl

December 2nd, 2017

You may have missed one of the best Christmas Pub Crawls in Years !!!!

Yes, what a happy crowd.  We even had a good representation of Victoria Alpine Ski Club members who came over for the event. We may have only gone to three different pubs and restaurants, but each was a quality affair.  Santa was there to hand out presents to all of us, he had candy canes for the children we met along the way, and we raffled of all the gifts donated by
In all, we collected $474.00 on the pub crawl and added donations at the Met Hotel's Pub on the way home while continuing the drive at Toby's Pub on Commercial at our Christmas Party December 21.  The sum total resulted in $544.00 being given to the Greater Vancouver Christmas Bureau.

It is a good feeling to give to those in need, and it is a great way to end a calendar year!

Ski you in 2018.  Happy New Year!!! 


Thursday, 30 November 2017

PSC Halloween Costume Party 2017 !😎😎😎

Toby's did it Again!!!

Las Divas rocked the night away, belting out one great song after another.  There's nothing like a live band at a Pacific Ski Club dance!!!

Sven says, " Devils are your best fiend!"

Walter says, "Some Cowboys change into Trolls, so watch out!"

 Larry says, "Watch out for Trolls, they may go after your sweetheart!"

Trevor says, "Don't be such a baby!"

The baby says, "I've got my sweetheart!"

The sweetheart says in a Scottish brogue,"Let's show them our rear-side and go dancing!

The singer belts out, "People are stra-ange!" (by the Doors)

The Stranger say, "Who me? Look out for Dr. Who!"

Dr. Who says, "Stanley.  I don't know where Dr. Livingston is, but I do know your should only drink with two hands!"

Stanley says, "I've got a secret to tell you!"

  "Well, I've have to tip my hat to Toby's Pub, 2733 Commercial Drive." Whispers Stanley to Dr. Who.  "Last year we rocked to The Whiskey Dicks; this year we rocked to Las Divas.  Man, we really rock as a ski club!  Who, dear doctor, in their right mind, would go to a dance with a DJ?"

"Only people who have not yet joined the Pacific Ski Club and still hang with that other club, I Guess." 

You got to drink to that, my friends! 
Cheers!  To our Next Dance, Board Game Night, Bowling Night or...Our Christmas Pub Crawl, December 2nd.  100% of the money we raise goes to The Vancouver Christmas Bureau!!!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Whistler - Legends Ski Trip
January 14th - 17th, 2016

This was a great Bus Ski Trip which was put on by the Victoria Alpine Ski Club.  We had a few Pacific Ski Club members who also booked on, one from West Vancouver, the other from Delta.  Arriving at Whistler on Thursday night, many of us headed for the hot tub and then to Dusty's after checking in.  As Dusty's was a private party, we headed across the street and went to the old Hoz's (now called Rose's or Rosy's, I think) and had a lovely evening.
Sun and good skiing greeted us all the next day, Friday.  In the afternoon, most dropped in to Dusty's for Apre` Skiing, then the mandatory dip into the outdoor hot tub (there are 2 and a swimming pool).  After changing, we held our annual (great) Pot Luck dinner.  This year there was just too much good food and most of the chef's had to take some back to their rooms.  What a great way to meet new friends, make new ones, or just socialise.  Many stepped up to the pool table, I being one of those.  Yet, with Donna, the pool Shark, I did not last too long.
Overcast and some new snow fell on Saturday, but we had a great day skiing both Blackcomb and Whistler.  More partying and hot tubing followed.  
Sunday was blizzard conditions, but that did not stop the keeners from skiing the whole day.  Some of us just went to the top and skied down and the mountain gave us our tickets back.  Good PR from Whistler.  Some went to the Village and watched the Seahawks loose the football game, others went to the hot tub and then to Dusty's where the game was also shown. 

As with all good trips, this one also had to end as our bus drove off a little after 3pm.

Thanks to everyone who came along and made this trip so much fun, especially Shelley the organizer and Maggie, both Victoria Club executives.

Sven , President PSC

Thursday, 14 January 2016

New Years @ Sun Peaks & Heffley Inn

New Year’s at Sun Peaks
2015 ended in a fist full of blue sky days skiing the fresh powder only the interior of British Columbia can provide.  163cm of fresh snow lay on the ground with over 2 feet having arrived in the days before our arrival.  With sun to wake up to, I hit Tod Mountain December 31st and stayed there in the brilliant sun the whole day, stopping only for a short lunch break at Bottom’s Pub.

The New Year’s party began with dinner at Morresey’s Pub then we migrated to The Club where we stayed until 12:45.  With the joyous mood we were in, we popped back in to Morresey’s but at about 1:30 Tina had motioned to me to bring our ‘crowd’ over to the Powderhounds where Peter’s 5 piece band played good old tunes.  We danced the night away among friends, arriving home by 3:15 or so.

Luckily, there was no new snow January 1st, so we slept into the afternoon!

The was plenty of time for shopping -- handmade skiing sweaters for $65 and a little more, a bargain any way you look at it -- and time to enjoy the comforts of the Heffley Boutique Inn which sits right in the centre of this quaint ski town.  One can also not forget the large recreational facility at the hotel, the Sauna and the Hot Tub with the lounge chairs.  I thought we were in Hawaii.
Went on to Mt. Morresey January 2nd where, if you skied the trees, there was still lots of powder runs to ski on.  Again, Bottoms Pub was the place to be at noon and after skiing.  Just great.

Dinner and the ambience at Bella Italia was where our first night’s feast was held the day of our arrival.  The two nights of the New Year were at Powderhounds where we filled in the empty bellies (no one lost any weight on this trip).  We even managed to put in a sleigh ride through the town’s centre and into the back woods along the cross country trails.  New year, plan to join in on this trip.  They are always a great way to ring in the New Year!

Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Whistler Turned 50
A group led by Bruce & Shannon Chadwick managed to secure tickets for the big 50th Birthday celebration, held in the Conference Centre as the Round House just wasn’t big enough to hold all of the crowds this time around (the 40th was on the top of the mountain). It was nice to see Karen Brown and a number of other older PSC members and I/E friends at the bash as well as meeting up with old time Whistler folks.  The champagne flowed, tales of skiing on wooden planks and old ski passes were around many a guest’s neck.  The only one absent was Walter Dorken, a fellow who has skied almost as long as I have.  I began in the 1955/56 ski season and still have my Mt. Seymour pin to prove it, but I was by far not the senior skier there.

Tantalus Lodge Ski Trip

What a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of pre-Christmas shopping.  Whistler greeted our group with well over 20 cm. of fresh snow which fell the day before most of us arrived.  The first day was a blue sky skiing day which was just too good to fully describe, but it is what a skier or snowboarder’s dreams are made of.  After the lifts shut down, we all mte up at the Longhorn for some sociable drinks.  Later, it was to the hot tub and more relaxation.  With a Pot Luck on the Friday night, and a lot more skiing on Saturday and Sunday, we cannot say Sue did a bad job!  WE also learned a little English with terms not often heard here in the ‘colonies’. 

Great fun!!!  Thanks to the Victoria Club for a great weekend.

“Bond, Jane Bond,” the beautiful redhead said.
James Bond night in the old Caesar’s restaurant in Downtown Vancouver on November 7th was lots of fun.  Many a fellow double –oh (00) agent was there, Gold Finger showed up and yes, Jane Bond in her Tuxedo was there in person.  Prices for your Martini were steep, but when you’re in the company of men like Bond, that is to be expected. For those of us who made it down to the gala party, it was a night of ‘bonding’.

Monday, 15 September 2014

2014 - Summer OK’s - Pirates of the Caribbean - Review

Wasn’t that a party!” is probably the best way to describe our 2014 Olympic games.  In true Ski Club spirit, the Bum Biters, the Inside Edge (I.E.), the Okanagan Club (O.C.), Victoria Alpine Club and the Pacific Ski Club joined in for an unforgettable weekend of non-stop fun.

Who will forget the Ghost Ship rising from the briny sea with Jack Sparrow and all the nefarious pirates, in full regal complete with kelp, on opening night.  Terry the Toy-man, with help from everyone around, set up lights, tents, tables and pirate paraphernalia  while Shirley from O.C. provided campsite with theme decorations.  O.C. provided tables full of food, beer, wine and (a) cup so that the traditional Welcoming Party became another memorable night.  Almost everyone was in full costume.

There were Jell-O Shooters at the volleyball games, a sport where everyone and anyone could simply stand up and get into any of the numerous matches.  In the final ‘Gold Metal’ game, where ‘athletes’ stopped for shooters, beers or ciders, the Bum Biter, O.C., I.E. Pacific team won 3 out of 5 games (sorry no Victoria members played) to wrap up that event.  Then from the distant horizon, Skull Island with (a) Palm Tree appeared with I.E. members and barrels of Dark, Navy RUM!  Lots of rum and mixers - on ice - for sailors and athletes alike !!!

The world premier of ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ was held in which everyone around the playing field was asked to take a turn at setting the record of hitting all three Olympic Bells in the shortest time.  In the end, after every 2 pairs of players had been pitted against the clock, the ‘Super, Incredibly Awesome Team of Nicole & Gary, and Sally & Robert, became the World and Olympic Record holders with a time of 5 seconds flat!!!

Jack Hanna’s stage, minus the legs, was set up in the lower field with the help of so many hands that the band, One Night Only (with Susan their GM), was all set up hours in advance.  Once they began playing, this incredible group, with many a cameo appearance from both John Francis on his electric guitar and Lester on vocals, belted out the best dance tunes anyone can ever recall.  Everyone danced.  The music never stopped.  The band played 4 hours straight with musicians vanishing in the ‘fog of the briny sea’ for pee breaks while the rest of the group layed it on!  O.C. even brought down a keg of beer, and we had full service and free beer all night long! Bocci Ball and Beer Drinking, both Sunday events, saw more friendly competition.  Anyone who wished to play, grabbed the Jack (Sparrow) and the balls and went out onto the pitch for hours of fun.  Later, just before dinner, 16 players sat down for the ‘All Out’ beer drinking contest.  No silly cups to toss, simply open your beer, suck it back as fast as you can, cup on head (up-side-down) and the next player begins until the fastest drinkers rose to the jubilant cheers of the wild and hungry crowd.  Gary then challenged Mike to the 2 man beer drinking, arm wrestling contest.  Mike out drank Gary but with considerably more spillage!

12 tables were brought to a campsite with everyone’s help, decked out with ‘linen’ sheets and catered hot food, to satiate the most dastardly of pirates, arrived (did you notice Little Red Riding hood - actually the Big Bad Wolf - in her red costume?).  This year all the clubs sat down for an unforgettable dinner together.

That evening Gary, Mike and John Francis played live guitar by the fire at camp 18.  This was followed by an outdoor theatre night where a Jimmy Buffet festival movie was shown.  Then, as in each of the nights, various clubs members invited everyone who wished to some campsite, or members went off in groups, for a lovely evening chatting, just relaxing or singing around a campfire.

Sunny, from O.C. won this year’s Bottle Cap Races and vowed to organize this super fun event next year!

Larry established his dominance in golf by beating every golfer by at least one stroke while Sally shot an ‘awesome’ 55 to just squeeze out Andrea for the ‘Lady’s Golf Slipper title.  Yet, who will forget Joe, the Butter Cup, who shot that ‘relaxed’ 275 yard drive off of the first tee.  In an interview for the PSC Boot Press, he later remarked, “ I can shoot better than that as it only takes practice.  I play about 120 games a year.”

What was different this year? - its best to let the members speak for themselves:
  • Sandy O.C. - It was awesomely great!
  • Shirley O.C. - I loved the comradery!
  • Kathy and Harold (member since 1972) - never once before was I ever included in a game.  I loved it - these were the best games ever - no inter-club competitions!
  • Glen Bum Bitter - the non-competitive Volleyball!
  • Chris Bum Biter - more inter-club activities!  Meeting (with) each other

Thanks Andrea (I.E.) for being the over-all co-ordinator this year.  As promised, this year was more like that first year at Kalamalka - nothing planned, but so much fun was had that we have been doing “it” for over 40 years now.  The only losers to this year’s games were those who stayed away and missed it all.