Saturday, 30 December 2017

2017 Christmas Bureau Pub Crawl

December 2nd, 2017

You may have missed one of the best Christmas Pub Crawls in Years !!!!

Yes, what a happy crowd.  We even had a good representation of Victoria Alpine Ski Club members who came over for the event. We may have only gone to three different pubs and restaurants, but each was a quality affair.  Santa was there to hand out presents to all of us, he had candy canes for the children we met along the way, and we raffled of all the gifts donated by
In all, we collected $474.00 on the pub crawl and added donations at the Met Hotel's Pub on the way home while continuing the drive at Toby's Pub on Commercial at our Christmas Party December 21.  The sum total resulted in $544.00 being given to the Greater Vancouver Christmas Bureau.

It is a good feeling to give to those in need, and it is a great way to end a calendar year!

Ski you in 2018.  Happy New Year!!! 


Thursday, 30 November 2017

PSC Halloween Costume Party 2017 !😎😎😎

Toby's did it Again!!!

Las Divas rocked the night away, belting out one great song after another.  There's nothing like a live band at a Pacific Ski Club dance!!!

Sven says, " Devils are your best fiend!"

Walter says, "Some Cowboys change into Trolls, so watch out!"

 Larry says, "Watch out for Trolls, they may go after your sweetheart!"

Trevor says, "Don't be such a baby!"

The baby says, "I've got my sweetheart!"

The sweetheart says in a Scottish brogue,"Let's show them our rear-side and go dancing!

The singer belts out, "People are stra-ange!" (by the Doors)

The Stranger say, "Who me? Look out for Dr. Who!"

Dr. Who says, "Stanley.  I don't know where Dr. Livingston is, but I do know your should only drink with two hands!"

Stanley says, "I've got a secret to tell you!"

  "Well, I've have to tip my hat to Toby's Pub, 2733 Commercial Drive." Whispers Stanley to Dr. Who.  "Last year we rocked to The Whiskey Dicks; this year we rocked to Las Divas.  Man, we really rock as a ski club!  Who, dear doctor, in their right mind, would go to a dance with a DJ?"

"Only people who have not yet joined the Pacific Ski Club and still hang with that other club, I Guess." 

You got to drink to that, my friends! 
Cheers!  To our Next Dance, Board Game Night, Bowling Night or...Our Christmas Pub Crawl, December 2nd.  100% of the money we raise goes to The Vancouver Christmas Bureau!!!